A Platform Approach for the Ever-Evolving Enterprise

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October 27, 2022

In our preceding blog, we considered the ways Zact addresses businesses’ common card and expense management problems. To recap:

Difficulty managing limits on corporate cards? Zact provides budgets instead of credit limits, including zero-budget cards. Cumbersome expense management tools? Zact provides integrated card and expense management including receipt capture. Can't prevent out-of-policy spend? Zact offers enforcement of spend policy during transaction not after-the-fact. Limited and delayed visibility into spend? Zact responds with double-entry accounting integration with real-time visibility. Lamenting the use of personal cards for corporate spend? Zact provides zero-budget cards with approval-based real-time budget changes for infrequent spenders.

These pain points are echoed almost verbatim in conversations we have with customers, who want to spend their energies growing and managing their core business and not dealing with complexity on the “back-end.”

Indeed, transforming complexity into simplicity is a mantra we hold dear at Zact. But it’s not just about simplicity now – it’s also about ensuring that the efficiencies continue as the company grows and evolves.

Current implementations of card and expense management solutions are chaotic. Much of the problem revolves around timing. When an organization hits a certain stride or stage, it needs a card solution, at which point, the needs are immediate and clear. As with so many other things, when we enter problem-solving mode, we tend to focus on today’s problem and not those looming on the horizon - such is true for these organizations.

Alas, we can’t predict the workloads and features we will need to layer on our card and payments platforms as the organization evolves. The key words here are “platform” and “evolve.” Platforms are built precisely because of dynamic needs. For now, expense management may be the task at hand, next it might be AP Automation, Fleet, or Travel.

The platform approach at Zact allows you forgo a crystal ball when you enter a corporate card relationship. It’s a modern corporate card solution for the ever-evolving enterprise. Point solutions solve point problems. Platforms solve current and prospective problems.