Partner Expense Management

Give your merchants visibility and control over all their corporate expenses. With Zact’s Expenz Product, merchants’ employees no longer have to fill out tedious expense reports. Employers gain the visibility, control, and confidence they need to manage their organization's expenses smartly and transparently.

Modern, Smart Credit Cards for your Customers

Features and Benefits

feature 1

Additional revenue streams


Earn revenue through various channels, such as subscriptions and interchange.

feature 2

Grow with your clients, while promoting your brand across every customer interaction


Meet the diverse needs of your merchants with your branded, all-in-one solution for their expense and payment processing requirements.

feature 3

Eliminate redundant software costs


Standardize on one integrated platform to eliminate need for stand-alone expense management solutions.

feature 4

Enhanced Merchant Retention


Support both money-in and money-out applications to enhance merchant retention by reducing the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors and thereby improving client satisfaction.

feature 5

Robust reporting and analytics


Give your merchants real-time insights and help them make evidence-based decisions.

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