Partner Card Management

Your business wants to offer seamless integration and delivery of financial products to create a one-stop experience for your merchants. Zact provides the cutting-edge embedded financial platform to keep merchants engaged and loyal to your business through the most flexible card offerings.

Zact provides a Merchant Card Program for Partners with an integrated solution for their expense and payment processing needs

Features and Benefits

feature 1

Incremental revenue streams


Earn revenue through multiple channels: subscriptions, transaction fees, and interchange.

feature 2

Promote your branding at every customer interaction


Meet the diverse needs of your clients and provide them with an integrated solution for all their expense and payment processing needs.

feature 3

Advanced integrated solutions


Provide modern solutions that provide a compelling reason for merchants to choose you as their partner.

feature 4

Streamlined Operations


Provide centralized management of payment activities, simplifying tasks such as card and expense management, transaction reporting, settlement reconciliation, and customer support.

feature 5

Robust reporting and analytics


Gain insights into your merchants' payment activities, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

feature 6

Zact’s robust APIs


Seamlessly integrate payment functionality into your software applications

Explore the Cardz offering for your corporate customers

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