Frequently Asked Questions

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What's wrong with traditional expense reporting?


Lack of expense visibility – A business’ financial department cannot determine how much money has been spent until they receive claims from employees. Since the payments have already been made, it’s too late for the financial department to make any strategic changes and verify the accuracy of the reports they receive. This creates an environment for a fraud occurrence.

Inefficient process of expense reporting – Employees spend a lot time entering expense information into a spreadsheet in order to get reimbursed for the company’s expenses. This process can be tedious as its difficult to keep receipts organized in one place as they pile up. In addition, this process is also prone to error since employees are entering their data manually. Organizations may have strict deadlines on the submission of an expense report which can be added pressure for employees. The time used to generate an expense report could be used to be productive in another area.

Delayed employee reimbursement – Receiving volumes of expense reports from employees makes it difficult for the financial department of an organization to keep track of finance. Its prone to error and can cause a delay in employee reimbursement.

What is Zact?


Zact is a uniquely architected payment and expense management platform that simplifies a corporation’s financial management. The patent-protected platform enables employers to have control over how their employees utilize their expenses while remaining within the business’ policy and budget constraints.

Where can I use my Zact card?


The Zact card can be used at any of the millions of merchants across over 200 countries where MasterCard is accepted.

How can I get a demo?


Please fill out the contact form, located at: Click here to set up a demo.

How does Zact work?


Employers and their employees can request for either a virtual or physical card through their accounts after signing up. Users can set spending and budget limits and continuously monitor their card activity through Zact.

What is a virtual card?


A virtual card contains the exact same information as a physical card, except it can only be used for digital purchases. This includes online payment portals, and even thru a digital wallet (i.e. Apple "Tap to Pay").

Can you use the Zact card to get cash back or withdraw from an ATM?


No. The Zact card is designed to allow business owners to control company expenses and support employee spending, not support disbursements to employees. Additionally, Zact does not support direct deposits—only the business owner can deposit money into Zact 1EC from their external bank account via banking industry standard ACH transfer or wire transfer.

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