A Bank-Grade Payments and Expense Management Platform

An end-to-end platform connecting payment rails to accounting systems and beyond, Zact enables you to make payments, control them, and report on them.

Zact Platform

What is Zact?

Payment and spend management remain a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Out of policy spend is caught only after the transaction has occurred. Expense reporting is onerous and error prone with frequent delays in submissions, approvals and reimbursement.

Zact is an integrated payments and expense management solution which effectively rejects out of policy expenses before they occur and continuously reconciles transactions with accounting systems.

Easy end to end expense management

Easy end-to-end expense management.

Our integrated spend and expense management solution means you never have to deal with another expense report. And Zact handles not just corporate card expenses, but all spend use-cases.

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Control your company spend.

Put rules in place, and enforce them before the spend happens to give employees the comfort of knowing that they are always spending within spend parameters.

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full stack

A full-stack for unparalleled user-experience.

Because we integrate directly with payment networks, and control the end-to-end flow of employee spend to accounting system entry, our apps have access to more granular and more complete information.

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free product

Free and easy.
Zact is free.

Find out how much you can save.

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Quote 1

Zact has totally transformed the way we manage ALL payments and expenses throughout our company, from infrastructure costs to legal fees to travel. It’s our one-stop-shop for expense management.

When I worked for a multibillion-dollar firm, we had to manually transfer corporate card expenses into a separate expense management system. Zact combines these into a single, simple platform, automatically feeding into our QuickBooks. The best part is it’s at no cost to us! Totally rocks.

Jacob Mathew
Co-Founder & CEO

Zact is the first expense management platform I have used that enforces budget and policy before the spend happens. This is a game changer for me – for the first time I can control my spend up front and not deal with out-of-policy spend after the fact.

Kishore Karkera
Founder & Chief Operating Officer at PrinterPrezz

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