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We are a fast-growing start-up competing against heavily funded and high market-cap opposition in the payments and expense space.

We believe we have a much better mouse trap.
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Who We Are

At Zact, our mission is to help companies simplify the management of their payments and expenses. Our integrated architecture is unmatched, enabling a growing list of solutions, including expense management, travel, fleet, and more. If this sounds exciting to you, we would love to hear from you!


We’re remote

No commute here. We have an exclusively online workforce who can do anything, virtually

We’re global

We have employees across North America, Europe and Asia. Our search for quality employees knows no bounds, or borders.

We’re simplified

Life is complex enough, so we always search for the simple implementation or solution to a problem.

We’re autonomous

We empower our employees and trust their competencies and decisions – we manage this autonomy by clearly articulating a vision and evolving this in a collaborative way.

We’re focused

We believe nobody can match our architecture and we are working tirelessly to exploit this advantage in new markets.

Zact's Worldwide Team

We are connected around the world, our team is in different parts of the world.
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