APIs: Continuous Compensation

The bi-weekly pay cycle causes cash flow problems for workers living paycheck-to-paycheck, leading to absenteeism, employee churn and poor morale.

Gig economy workers expect and require payments for their completed tasks.

Continuous Compensation

Enable employees & contractors to access their compensation immediately on completion of a task or shift with no additional cost or fees. Set cards at zero budget and increase the budget to the earned amount either at the end of the day or completion of a task. Zact’s APIz integrates with accounting systems and contains approval workflows to ensure that only manager-approved compensation is loaded on the card.


  • Immediate payment upon task or shift completion
  • Instant availability of compensation on Zact card products
  • Approval workflows for all compensations
  • Elimination of all fees for workers
  • Comprehensive reporting to payroll and accounting systems

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