APIs: Subscription Services

If you are building a software solution to manage your customers’ monthly subscription payments, they would have to provide you with one or more of their credit card numbers, and you would have no visibility into their budgets or credit limits.

Subscription Services

You’d have no ability to enter transactions into their accounting systems, and a security breach at any one of the payees would expose the customers’ cards to the maximum credit limit.

With Zact APIz, you can issue a unique single or multi-use virtual card for each subscription service provider. Monthly budgets can be set to the expected subscription cost immediately before the payment, with any excess charges immediately rejected. No unscrupulous vendor’s overcharges will be allowed. Merchant ID restrictions only allow the card to be used by the service provider mitigating fraud and misuse.


  • Realtime creation of virtual credit cards
  • Fraud controls by restricting card usage only for the subscription provider
  • Prevent overcharges by setting card budget to approved spend amount
  • Easy canceling or disabling of un unused cards

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