Bank-Branded AP Automation and Integrated Payables

Accounts payable is one of the most onerous, costly and time-consuming accounting functions.

Your mid-market corporate customers urgently need a modern AP automation solution to be organized and have full visibility & control over invoice payments.

White-labeled Accounts Payable Automation and Integrated Payables for Bank customers.

They are looking for an integrated and seamless, embedded finance solution that reduces administrative headaches and increases productivity.

Zact white-labels its AP Automation product for banks. Banks can offer their mid-market customers a complete AP automation solution with PO matching while expanding their revenues with non-interest fee income. A vendor portal enables suppliers to upload invoices and communicate with buyers at an invoice level.

Zact supports all payment types including issuing single-use and multi-use virtual cards, giving financial institutions significant interchange, transaction, and subscription revenues.

Bank AP Automation Features and Benefits

feature 1

Payment prioritization for economics


Reduces the onerous, costly and time-consuming function of accounting

feature 2

Virtual credit card, then ACH, and then check


Fast and cost-effective payment methods that minimize human error

feature 3

Shared subscription and transaction fees


Revenue generating benefits at no cost

feature 4

Bank-branded customer onboarding portal


Seamless and automatic onboarding experience for customers

feature 4

Vendor management portal


Increased cash-flow management, increased transparency and improved risk management

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