One Corporate Card for All Employees

Your organization deserves more than debit cards and traditional credit cards that can expose your company to manual errors, time-wasting reconciliations, and fraud.

Enter Cardz™ - a modern, enterprise-grade software-based program offering flexible business card options for your employees. With Zact’s credit card offering, you get powerful cash flow management, fraud detection, and more. Our cards come with both flexible spending limits and custom permissions for greater cost control and enhanced compliance.

Thanks to Cardz, you can access real-time expense data to help you make informed decisions and ensure your corporate spend is in check.

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Zact Cardz Program

Cardz Features and Benefits

feature 1

Corporate-branded cards


Increase control over company spend and improve expense tracking and reporting

feature 2

Bank-grade fraud protection


Enhance Security. Early detection and prevention of fraudulent activities

feature 3

Powerful, flexible user management


Unmatched control over company expenses and enhanced compliance with company policies

feature 4

Support for standard and prepaid cards


Improve cash-flow management with no personal guarantee

feature 5

Multi-level policy and workflow-based budget controls


Minimize errors and  fraud while improving cost controls

 feature 7

One-time and multi-use virtual cards


Transform company purchasing cards to better manage one-time and recurring payments

feature 6

Revenue share


Rebates and increased revenue

CARDZ pricing plan

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Users pay

$0 (free)

How can Zact provide industry-leading credit cards and functionality at no cost? When you use a card network credit card, such as Mastercard or Visa, the merchant is charged a fee by the network.

When using a Cardz card, that "interchange" fee is split with us, allowing us to offer our software to you for free.

No setup fee
No annual fee
No personal guarantees
No personal credit checks
No hidden fees

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