Distinguish Bank Credit Cards with Embedded Expense Management

Your corporate customers are looking for an integrated, embedded finance solution with seamless user experience that helps to reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity.

Distinguish Your Credit Cards with Integrated

Zact white labels Expenz for banks. We ingest your credit card transactions in real-time, and automate the generation of expense reports - what we call "embedded expense management." This automates expense reporting for your business clients, providing savings over costly stand-alone expense management solutions. All of this while expanding your commercial program with subscription revenues.

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Bank Program Features and Benefits

feature 1

No need for customers to look elsewhere for 3rd-party tools


Provide cost savings, better integration, and enhanced user experience

feature 2

Reduced costs incurred by your corporate customers on  expense management tools


Real-time and full-visibility into corporate spend

feature 3

Prevents churn of your valuable corporate clients with integration into their accounting systems


Increased retention and customer loyalty

feature 4

Bottom line: Happier, loyal corporate clients who stay with you for the long-term


Increases customer loyalty and customer retention

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