Build Your Own FinTech

Zact Apiz™ support a wide variety of business use-cases. Brands & fintechs can issue budget-controlled single or multi-use cards.

Employers can issue payroll cards with spend controls for gig workers and pay immediately upon completion of a shift or task.

APIZ: Build Your Own FinTech

Delivery companies can provide zero budget cards to their drivers and change the budget on-demand and in real-time for product purchase. Subscription services providers can issue virtual cards and manage budget and card controls to align with subscription services, and much more.

APIz: Developers

Zact’s APIz provides a rich and comprehensive set of payment APIs broadly categorized as follows: card management for all card issuance and card operations; ledger management for all treasury functions; budget management for all card related spend management.

In addition, APIz has all the necessary APIs for org and user setup, notifications etc.

APIZ: Developers

APIz Case Studies

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