Partner AP Automation

Accounts payable is a burdensome, expensive and time-consuming accounting task. Your merchants probably use one-off solutions for each individual task. Don’t they deserve an integrated solution?

Billz by Zact is a white-labeled, embedded financial services solution. It provides seamless and integrated AP automation with PO matching. A vendor portal enables suppliers to upload invoices and communicate with buyers at an invoice level.

Zact's Partners AP Automation is a full integrated, seamless solution for Merchants.

Features and Benefits

feature 1

One-stop AP Automation shop


From Purchase Order to integration into their accounting system, your merchants will gain huge economic and operational benefits from a single, integrated solution.

feature 2

Vendor management portal


Increased cash-flow management, increased transparency, and improved risk management

feature 3

Payment prioritization for economics


Generate income through subscriptions and interchange, while reducing expensive check volume.

feature 4

Your branding on apps, cards, and onboarding portal


Meet the diverse needs of your merchants and provide them with their branded, one-stop solution for all their expense and payment processing needs.

feature 5

Real-time reporting and analytics


Generate data-driven insights and trends. Make informed decisions through real-time data.

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