Modern Integrated Expense Management

Get visibility & control over all corporate expenses

Are you frustrated managing corporate expenses? It’s a challenging task, with employees dreading and delaying reporting expenses, managers being slow to approve expenses, and CFOs struggling to gain visibility and control over expense management.




ExpenzTM provides real-time insights into your organization's decision-making while ensuring that your expenses stay aligned with credit limits.

With Expenz, employees no longer have to fill out tedious expense reports! You gain the visibility, control, and confidence you need to manage your organization's expenses smartly and transparently.

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Features and Benefits

feature 1



Align credit limits with budgets

feature 2

Immediate and automated


Gain real-time insights into day-to-day decision making

feature 3

Intelligent spend


Improve cost controls and visibility of company spend

feature 4

Fully-reconciled payments


Maximize accuracy and minimize administration costs


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Users pay

$0 (Free)

How can Zact provide unmatched integrated payment and expense management at no cost? When you use a card network credit card, such as Mastercard or Visa, the merchant is charged a fee by the network.

When using a CardZ card, that "interchange" fee is split with us, allowing us to offer our software to you for free.

No setup fee
No licensing or subscription fees
No hidden fees

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