Modern, Smart Credit Cards for your Customers

Most agent credit card programs may only be a patch for banks without their own card offering: These programs retain the lion’s share of the economics, offer deplorable service, and their commercial cards may have fallen far behind in innovation.

All this while Fintechs are encroaching into bank’s service domains.

Modern, Smart Credit Cards for your Customers

Zact offers a solution to this problem, with a modern, API-based configurable card platform for your customers.

Features and Benefits

feature 1

Built on enterprise systems for reliability, scalability, & fraud protection


Deliver powerful, seamless user experience without downtime or security issues

feature 2

Modern APIs and bank-branded apps


Provide customers convenient way to manage finances

feature 3

Industry-leading economics to banks


Enjoy superior unit economics and revenue sharing model

feature 4

White-glove customer support 


Increase customer satisfaction leading to customer loyalty and retention

feature 5

Sales & marketing assistance for customer outreach


Drive opportunities for acquisition, cross-sell, and up-sell

feature 6

Fully compliant: PCI, SOC 1 & 2, Type 2


Benefit from enterprise grade security and fraud protection

Explore the Cardz offering for your corporate customers

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