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Tired of how frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming that accounts payable (AP) can be? 

Bill pay



BillzTM is an end-to-end AP automation solution streamlining the entire process from invoice to payment. Your organization can get real-time cash flow insights, automate invoice processing, and gain full visibility into invoices. 

Thanks to Zact, your organization can reduce check volume and earn money back on virtual card transactions. Billz is the ultimate tool for accounting departments to reduce costs, streamline their AP workflow, and achieve greater success than ever before.

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Features and Benefits

feature 1

Automated invoice processing with intelligent bill coding


Provide faster reconciliation of expenses

feature 2

Fully-reconciled journal entries integrated directly with your accounting system


Maximize accuracy and minimize administration costs

feature 3

Integrated approval workflows with PO matching


Prevent unapproved invoice payment

feature 4

Complete visibility: approved, past due, paid invoices by vendor, cost center, and more


Garner real-time cash flow insights and vigilance of invoice payments

feature 5

Check volume migrated to card and ACH 


Reduce fraud, save time, and earn rebates


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Transaction Fees:
Mailed Check
Virtual Credit Card
$0.00 and we pay you up to 1% on all card volume!

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