The Zact Platform

A full-stack approach

Zact’s payments platform integrates directly with payment networks and accounting systems. Our comprehensive array of application services supports a suite of Zact and 3rd-party applications covering every spend management use-case.

Because of its unique architecture, Zact completely does away with expense reports as we know it, mapping transactions at a network level to expenses and finally to the chart of accounts in accounting systems. This delivers a continuous reconciliation between payments and expenses, providing accounting systems immediate visibility into expenses.

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Use Cases

Use Cases

Application Services support a wide variety of business use-cases

Zact’s Application Services enable brands to issue physical and virtual cards. Delivery companies can provide zero budget cards to their drivers and change the budget on-demand and in realtime. Acquirers and ISOs can extend credit to their merchants based on POS transaction. BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) companies can issue prefunded cards to support a specific purchase, and much more.

Comprehensive APIs

A comprehensive suite of APIs enable you to set up all your customers under one account with full multi-tenancy support.  You can issue physical, virtual one-time and multi-use cards.  Budgets can be managed with API support to change limits on demand and in real-time. Zact’s financial data APIs provide authorizations and settled transaction data. And you can subscribe to and be notified of a whole host of card, budget and financial events.


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