The full stack

Our end-to-end payments integration from the payment networks, to account services, to GL codes in your accounting system affords us capabilities no one else can match.


The Zact Platform

A full-stack approach

Zact’s payments platform integrates directly with payment networks and accounting systems. Our comprehensive array of application services supports a suite of Zact and 3rd-party applications covering every spend management use-case.

Because of its unique architecture, Zact completely does away with expense reports as we know it, mapping transactions at a network level to expenses and finally to the chart of accounts in accounting systems. This delivers a continuous reconciliation between payments and expenses, providing accounting systems immediate visibility into expenses.

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End-to-end makes
for superior applications

To support a complete suite of applications, Zact provides a comprehensive library of powerful application services able to address the "full stack", not constrained to a subset of the data flow.

These include policy engines and budget management, approval workflows, card management and admin functions, and a connector framework to integrate with accounting systems.

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