An end-to-end payments platform


The Zact platform

An end-to-end platform, Zact connects directly with payment networks to integrate payment transactions and expenses in real-time. Expenses are mapped to GL codes and reflected in the accounting systems without delays or latency.




A centralized approval workflow and policy engine powers the Zact payments platform to orchestrate card and expense management. Powerful tools are layered on top:


A comprehensive, configurable admin console


The one employee card you need


Automated expense management


Democratizing the Corporate Card

This is not traditional corporate spending. This is a paradigm shift. With no more tacit approval to spend, you can give employees more autonomy with the “one employee card” (Zact 1EC)—the driver of the Zact platform. Imagine immediate control and insight, a world where accounting and employee expenditures are always aligned.

No more “ghost cards” for travel, virtual one-time use hotel cards, or incidental cards. No more untimely reimbursements, reliance on personal credit, abuse of expense policy, reporting delays and reconciliation delays.


Zact 1EC brings three crucial concepts together:

built-in workflow approvals

automatic expense reporting, and

budget-based spend parameters


Zact 1EC brings three crucial concepts together:

built-in workflow approvals

automatic expense reporting and

budget-based spend parameters


Learn more. Download the Zact 1EC data sheet.

  • Travel & entertainmentTravel & entertainment
  • Payroll advancePayroll advance
  • Healthcare costsHealthcare costs
  • Rewards & recognitionRewards & recognition
  • Earned wageEarned wage access…and more
  • Work-from-home optionsWork-from-home options
  • New employee packageNew employee package
  • Zero budget cardsZero budget cards

No drudgery. No surprises.

You probably experience it every day: the drudgery of expense reporting, the surprise expenses, the unpleasant remediation of out of policy spend and the long delays before expenses are visible in the accounting systems. We’ve architected a way out of this morass.

With Zact Xpense, transactions are automatically converted to expenses in real-time. Employees simply review an expense and input its purpose. This immediately triggers the approval workflow. Accounting sees “true spend” insight for full control and unmatched flexibility—all within policy and budget constraints.

Real-time Expense Management


Transaction immediately available


Option to add more detailed information


Receipts, if required


Manager approval


ERP integration cost center, project code, etc


Scalable command & control

Scalable for evolving and growing requirements, Zact Central is more than an admin tool, it’s command central for budget, card and user management. Easily input and configure your organization structure with multi-level approval chains. Map expense types, project codes and cost centers to GL codes, automating the expense reporting functions and seamlessly integrating with your accounting systems.

Comprehensive controls from Zact Central

Issue cards for an entire organization or division

Configure one-time and recurring budgets

Manage all card functions with the convenience of the Zact mobile app – no more waiting on hold to report lost, stolen or to block cards