The Zact solution includes a suite of interoperable spend-management applications built on the Zact payments platform with the Zact One Employee Card (1EC) at its core.

Our solution eliminates the need for users to create expense reports, while providing fully reconciled transactions.


T&E Spend

Transactions are automatically converted to expenses in real time. Simply review the expense, input its purpose, and attach a receipt if required, triggering the approval workflow.

Accounting gets “true spend” visibility with unmatched control and flexibility—all within policy and budget constraints.

Work Remotely

Working from home is here to stay, along with all the associated expenses.

Zact supports a centralized work-from-home policy, while allowing employees to choose the vendor of their choice while operating within the guardrails of policy.


Subscription Card

The proliferation of Saas and other service subscriptions pose a challenge for accountants in the form of hidden or unexpected charges.

Zact offers unique virtual cards per service provider, with their own budgets and policies and immediate mapping into your accounting system.


Zact’s fleet solution moves fleet controls from the pump to our app, freeing drivers to use any pump and use the same card for fuel and non-fuel expenses alike.

The app authenticates drivers and vehicles, all while delivering the spend control of the Zact platform.

Bill pay

Bill Pay

Zact’s admin and approval workflow services deliver a comprehensive approval-based bill pay solution. Invoices are digitized, fed into our invoice management system, and paid in accordance with rules and approval workflows.

We support all payment types (ACH, wire, check and credit card) and integrate with accounting systems to reconcile invoices with POs. (expected Q4 '22)


Our 3rd-party travel application provides the same comprehensive selections you expect from a consumer travel site such as Expedia. Zact contributes the budget and travel policies, affording you unmatched control over your corporate travel expenditures.

Travel bookings are immediately entered into the Zact platform, passing directly into your accounting system.


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