Partner with Us

Banks and international licensees are our strategic partners who can private-label our full-featured payment-and-spend management solution offering to their corporate clients.

Accounting firms, PEOs, CPAs, and bookkeepers and even individuals can earn referral commissions through our partner referral program.


Agent Credit Card Program

Retain and expand your client relationships

Zact’s agent card program is an all-in-one program that allows our partner banks to offer branded business credit cards to their corporate customers. In addition to offering traditional credit, Zact also offers a smart-secure credit program which is ideally suited for your customers who want to optimize their cash flow and minimize collateral.

Partner banks can lower their business costs, offer their customers unparalleled payments management, increase non-interest income, and ease their regulatory burden. 

What to expect


Revenue share – Zact offers partner banks a share of the interchange earned, providing ongoing non-interest income. 


Underwriting and credit approvals – we take care of the entire process so the bank is free to focus elsewhere.


No liability – our partner banks have no liability for credit and fraud losses.


Custom branding – Zact will provide partner bank-branded marketing collateral, mobile and web apps, corporate customer onboarding portal, and plastic cards.


Powerful apps – all your corporate customers will have access to Zact’s expense management, approval and budget workflows, and accounting integrations.


Cash back – Zact’s rewards program provides generous cash back on all purchases to your corporate customers.


Zact Referral Program

Who is eligible to join our partner referral program?

Financial service providers are a perfect fit for Zact. Accounting firms, professional employer organizations (PEOs), CPAs and bookkeepers can earn steady referral income while delivering a simple, easy, and efficient integrated expense solution to their clients. Individuals can also earn bonuses by successfully introducing Zact into their organizations.

​We handle all demos, onboarding, and servicing, while you get a referral fee or transaction volume-based revenue stream.
​The Zact payments and spend management platform is designed to help you solidify and expand your client relationships. Contact us to coordinate an initial appointment and demo, and we will take it from there. It’s that easy.


The process

It is easy to become a Zact referral partner. Contact us to coordinate an initial appointment and demo, and we will take it from there. That's it—providing your clients with an integrated, free expense solution while you receive referral fees is that easy.