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ItsOn’s cloud-based digital services platform transforms mobile operators’ business by enabling new service models that can be deployed instantly without the encumbering, time consuming, and costly processes currently required.

Three unique components of the ItsOn platform deliver this agility:

Service Design Center

Through ItsOn’s cloud-based Service Design Center, operators can quickly design, test, and implement new ideas while managing every aspect of the consumer experience… all the way down to the device.

This easy-to-use web interface allows operators to create and implement targeted services, promotions, and new marketing automation rules in real time.

On-device capabilities

By leveraging unique, on-device capabilities, the ItsOn platform delivers unparalleled user engagement. ItsOn’s client application includes a compelling and responsive user interface with high-definition consumer communications that together deliver actionable offers.

And by leveraging device context, the ItsOn client application offers consumers personalized experiences, services, and deals based on their segment definition, specific behavior, and location.

Service control cloud

The ItsOn cloud is a fully integrated, highly scalable digital services stack that overlays operators’ own business systems. By integrating key service-creation functions—such as m-commerce, on-boarding, charging, rating, policy,
and billing—operators can avoid cumbersome legacy IT integration projects and processes. This allows them to deliver exciting new mobile services at the push of a button, at extremely low cost, and without involving IT.