Here's how it works

  • Pick the plan that fits you best.
  • Adjust it anytime, without penalties, right from
    your Zact device.
  • Get the best coverage with no contracts, all on the Nationwide Sprint Network.
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Truth about unlimited: Most people overestimate what they need. The truth is 1 GB of data will get you one of the following:

Only pay for what you need

  • Enjoy an automatic money back credit towards your next month's service if your plan turns out to be too big.
  • And if it's too small? We'll send you an alert. You can add more with just a few taps.
  • With Zact, there's no such thing as overages.
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Share what's yours

  • Share your talk, text and data any way you want. After all, isn't that what sharing's all about?
  • Add devices to your account for just $4.99/month per line and share away.
  • Even use your phone as a hotspot and tether for free.
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Did you know? Simply enable "Hotspot" on your device and you can use your data plan to connect your laptop, tablet, or Wi-Fi enabled device to the Internet.

Control your kids' phones, remotely

  • "Turn it off" at bedtime, set usage caps, even choose which apps to allow.
  • Reward them for good behavior with short-term
    access to games, additional texts and more.
  • Do it all right from your device. You'll never have to take their phone away again.
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Did you know? You can control and restrict contacts, but still leave an open line to Mom and Dad—even during curfews.

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Zact is powered by the Nationwide Sprint Network with 4G LTE in select markets.

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Our philosophy is simple: Only pay for what you need.

Zact exists because we were tired of paying for mobile services we didn’t use.

We put you in control of your cell phone bill. Isn’t it about time someone else started looking out for your bottom line?

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