Customize a plan that's the perfect size for your child

  • Create a kid-sized mix of talk, text and data for your child.
  • No minimums, so set the budget to anything you want.
  • Manage your child's phone from your phone—like a remote control—with the Zact Control app.
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How much data do I need? Most people overestimate what they need. 1 GB of data will get you one of the following:

set restrictions and rewards

  • Determine curfews, restrictions, and rewards based on what you feel is best for your child.
  • Control and limit contacts, but still leave an open line
    to Mom and Dad—even during curfews.
  • Worried about texting under the covers? Don't take your child's phone away at bedtime, just "turn it off".
  • Reward them with access to Facebook—if they've
    been good.
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free to share with the whole family

  • Share your plan with any Zact device you add to your account.
  • Add devices to your account for just $4.99/month per line.
  • Make your Zact device a hotspot and tether for free.
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Did you know? Simply enable "Hotspot" on your device to connect your laptop, tablet, or Wi-Fi enabled device to the Internet. Hotspot enabled devices use your data plan at no extra charge.

download the zact control app on any phone

  • You don’t need a Zact device to control
    your child's Zact phone.
  • Easily download the Zact Control app onto any
    smartphone or tablet.
  • The Zact Control app lets you set curfews, usage and
    app-based restrictions for your child's phone.
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Did you know? You can control and restrict contacts, but still leave an open line to Mom and Dad—even during curfews.

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