Pay by the rules

One platform, architected from the ground up, to integrate payment networks and expense management.



Hello Managed Autonomy

The conundrum

Traditional corporate cards are often perceived as a "tacit approval to spend." Why? Because enforcing an expense policy before the payment occurs is difficult to implement, especially at scale.

Meet Zact, an intelligent payment platform, reimagined around an approval-based, centralized spend policy that allows for decentralized employee-level purchases. Architected exclusively to integrate payment networks and expense management in one solution, Zact effectively rejects out-of-policy expenses before the spend occurs—delivering unprecedented management of expenses. By integrating payments and expenses at a transaction level, Zact automates expense reporting, continuously reconciles expenses and payments, and provides visibility of expenses in accounting systems without delays, freeing employees from these encumbrances. Welcome to the world of managed autonomy.

Many cards. More programs.
Countless headaches.

In an effort to limit spend by category, companies routinely break up corporate spend into multiple card programs: “air cards” for flight bookings, virtual one-time use cards for hotels, purchase cards for office expenses and corporate T&E cards for select employees. That makes managing and tracking multiple expense programs to create a composite expenditure view challenging. Also, most employees still have to use their personal credit cards for corporate expenses. This has led to the universally dreaded, cumbersome expense report.

Introducing Zact 1EC: One employee card. That’s it.


Whether for travel, office or work-from-home expenses, every corporation needs a centralized mechanism for managing spend that gives employees enough autonomy to make purchases—within the guardrails of an expense policy. Zact 1EC is exactly this solution.

Eliminate a “tacit approval to spend” with role-based budget controls.

Partition budgets by merchant categories.

Empower all employees with universal spend controls.


Banks: Fill a need. Build your business.

Lured by incentives and rewards, banks frequently lose their valuable credit cardholders to the competition. Regional and community banks suffer this problem even more acutely. Zact solves that by creating a platform for ensuring customer loyalty and stickiness.

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The Real Problems Behind Payment Management

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